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View all of the data at once or select only the parameters you are interested in.

Twin engine data from the JPI-760 and GEM-1200 are supported and allow easy side-by-side comparison of your engines.

Organize your flights by Aircraft Profile, year, month and day. Then add your own descriptions to each flight for easy retrieval.

A vertical cursor allows you to reference any channel against the others. Move the cursor to where you want in data . . . then select Flight Data Window and row in data is highlighted.

EGView is PC software that allows you to import engine monitor data into a database and analyze the operation of your engine. We've designed EGView to allow you to read individual flights to troubleshoot issues and get flying as quickly as possible.

EGView also has the ability to view trends and analyze engine operations over all of your flights. You can filter your data to view Maximum or Average EGTs, CHTs, etc. based on %HP or Fuel Flow for all of your flights, allowing you to see small changes over time.

In the picture above you can see EGT #3 had a partially plugged fuel injector. EGT #3 goes very hot and CHT #3 follows. Had we not pulled back power, I'm positive we were seconds away from destroying our cylinder.

The picture below shows how we can drill into a Lean of Peak GAMI test. You can use the charting controls to zoom into your data and get exact values of all the data channels on display at any time. In this picture, the #5 cylinder probably needs a leaner fuel injector in order to get it to peak closer to the others.

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EGView Personal Edition allows a user to create Aircraft Profiles and import data for a maximum of four (4) distinct aircraft. The aircraft's engine monitor data is organized in a database by aircraft profile and by date. 

EGView Professional Edition is designed for private mechanics, flights schools or Service Centers. Professional Edition allows unlimited profiles providing a platform for fleet management.

About EGView

EGView is a powerful data analysis tool. It allows you to quickly view your engine data, charted on a robust charting control and by zooming in, scrolling, and highlighting specific areas of the chart, really see what your engine monitor is trying to tell you about the health of the engine.

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Now shipping Version 1.7c

  • Avidyne R9 / R7
  • Advanced Flight
  • Garmin G1000 (all models Garmin Cirrus, G1000 etc)
  • EI MVP-50 / UBG16 / CGR / 7 & 9 cylinder support
  • AuRACLE support (single and twin)
  • Insight G4/3/2/1 support
  • JPI 7xx/8xx VM930 (support with your decompressed files)


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Trend Window - This is the money saver!

The first picture on this site shows a plugged fuel injector. This picture shows the Trends window looking at Maximum EGTs and CHTs where Fuel Flow is > 25gph (take off power).

Notice that on flights #3 and #7 EGT#3  was plugging. It wasn't very serious as you can see from the CHTs, it seemed to clear itself. Until flight #9, when we had to abort!

Wish we would have looked at the data before!

EGView Free Trial

Standard features include:

  • Hands down...the best way to view, navigate, track, simulate and analyze your engine monitor data!
  • Simulator Tool for data playback
  • GAMI Tool automatically creates GAMI reports.
  • Trend Tool for data analysis across all flights
  • Ability to manage a fleet of aircraft
  • Turbine version coming soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When installing EGView, save EGViewSetup.exe from our web site to your desktop. Then RIGHT Click EGViewSetup.exe and select Run As Administrator. 
Seriously...if you don't do this it won't install correctly.